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 {GSR} Honor Server Rules

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{GSR} Honor Server Rules Empty
PostSubject: {GSR} Honor Server Rules   {GSR} Honor Server Rules I_icon_minitimeThu Mar 10, 2011 5:07 pm

Respect all other players & enjoy the game

No offensive/vulgar names (Related to Nazism, Facism, Sexism, Bigotry or Swear-words)

DMR selection for 3 rounds then share it - Do not select it at all if DMR training has not been completed

No spamming chat OR voice comms

No swearing

No team-killing

No incap killing

No teabagging

No votekicks or map changes

No hacking (if caught = instant perm-ban)

Idle for 2 rounds = auto-kick (Server related setting)

Reconnect if ping is 350+

Repetitive breaches of these rules may result in a BAN from our server

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{GSR} Honor Server Rules
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