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 Who We Are!

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PostSubject: Who We Are!   Who We Are! I_icon_minitimeThu Mar 10, 2011 4:19 pm

Global Social Rejects are a group of friends that have come together within the gaming world.

We focus on that everyone here is equal; meaning no officers in the clan or anything like that, we do have our “server guy”, “forum guy” and “accountant”. But everyone knows what’s going on every step of the way; and has the ability to voice their opinions on every subject involving our clan.

We also have respect not only for our members, but also for people that choose to come around and play on our server too.

And lastly we are about having fun!!! We don’t want to get carried away with any childish behavior around here, because really it’s just a game and we all just want to play to relax.

Invitations to {GSR} isn't so much about "filling out the form" as it is about getting to know the existing members and becoming comfortable with the group as a whole. Kinda like your second family.

{GSR} Clan formed together March 1st 2011
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Who We Are!
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